What is LED Local Dimming? | Explained

LED Local Dimming Explained

To increase contrast in LCD LED display panels, manufacturers have come up with a new solution called Local Dimming. Local Dimming essentially dims the backlight where it needs to display dark areas and brightens the white parts. This increases the …

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TN vs. IPS vs. VA: Which Panel You Should Choose?

Gaming Setup

Choosing the correct monitor for your computer is crucial since it is responsible for all the visual experience you incur. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the different types of displays that are available in the market and compare them …

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10 Best Cheap G-Sync Monitors in 2020

NVidia G-Sync

Are you a gaming enthusiast and looking for the perfect G-Sync monitor for your NVIDIA gaming rig? You are at the right place! G-Sync is an amazing evolution in the present Monitor technology and can bring out the best of …

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